2019 Office Furniture Catalog

97 Prices subject to change without notice. TENNSCO TM Lockers 1. Assembled Single-Tier, 3 Opening Locker with 6"h Legs * TNN-STS-151560-3 45"w x 15"d x 66"h List Price $977.00 Available on a special order basis. 2. Assembled Single-Tier, 1 Opening Locker TNN-STS-121872-A 12"w List Price $417.00 3. Assembled Single-Tier, 3 Opening Locker TNN-STS-121872-C 36"w List Price $970.00 4. Assembled Double-Tier, 2 Opening Locker TNN-DTS-121836-A 12"w List Price $433.00 5. Assembled Double-Tier, 6 Opening Locker TNN-DTS-121836-C 36"w List Price $1,018.00 6. 12"w Closed Base TNN-CLB-1218 12"w x 18"d x 6"h List Price $45.00 Fully enclosed steel base raises lockers 6" off the floor. 36"w Closed Base TNN-CLB-3618 36"w x 18"d x 6"h List Price $88.00 (Not Shown) For use with 36"w single tier and double tier lockers. 7. Sloping Tops for Lockers - Prevent unnecessary clutter and provide a clean, finished appearance. TNN-KST-1218 One Wide - 12"w x 18"d List Price $53.00 TNN-KST-3618 Three Wide - 36"w x 18"d List Price $69.00 8. Six High Box Lockers - Box lockers are ideal for storing smaller items like purses, lunches, books, and athletic gear. Each opening is 12"w x 18"d x 12"h. TNN-BS6-121812-A 12"w - 6 Openings List Price $461.00 9. TNN-BS6-121812-C 36"w - 18 Openings List Price $1,148.00 IN STOCK: Med. Gray / Sand Tennsco lockers are built to be durable and quiet. Heavy-gauge steel doors on single-tier and double-tier lockers are designed with door stiffeners, cushioned locking channels, rubber bumpers, and an ultra-smooth latching mechanism which work together to reduce noise and improve door operations. Locker handles on single and double-tier lockers are recessed to give a clean look, as well as to discourage vandalism. All lockers are standard with a padlock hasp and all doors have louvers for ventilation. Single-tier lockers have a three-point locking system while double-tier lockers have a two-point system. Each single-tier locker has a shelf, three single coat hooks, plus a removable coat rod. Double-tier lockers have three single coat hooks per opening. Openings: 12"w x 18"d. Overall dimensions: 18"d x 72"h. 2 6 7 8 9 * 1 3 4 5