2019 Office Furniture Catalog

88 Prices subject to change without notice. TERA ® Tablet Arm Chair These TERA ® tables are designed for a new generation of classroom. They seamlessly connect with each other to form fun work areas for students. Other features include high pressure laminate tops, durable and impact resistant edge, and 5-range height adjustability. Optional casters are available and you can choose from multiple colors. These tables are available on a special order basis. TERA ® Training & Educational Tables All products shown on this page are available on a special order basis. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The Tablet Arm Chair features 360º swivel, replaceable seat cushion, tablet switches left or right, extra thick curved back with lumbar support, fabric, plastic, and vinyl seat options, silver powder-coated frame, under-seat basket for storage space, and 300 lbs. weight capacity. Available on a special order basis. 7. Tablet Arm Chair TER-033601 31.5"h x 36.5"w x 23.5"d List Price $741.00 List Price 1. Cosmic Table - 30"d x 54"w TER-033004-LLC 25"-33"h $572.00 TER-033004-LL 23"-31"h $558.00 TER-033004-SLC 20"-28"h $572.00 TER-033004-SL 18"-26"h $558.00 2. Rectangle Table - 30"d x 60"w TER-033041-LLC 25"-33"h $615.00 TER-033041-LL 23"-31"h $604.00 TER-033041-SLC 20"-28"h $615.00 TER-033041-SL 18"-26"h $604.00 3. Crescent Table - 25.75"d x 30.75"w TER-033085-LLC 25"-33"h $353.00 TER-033085-LL 23"-31"h $346.00 TER-033085-SLC 20"-28"h $353.00 TER-033085-SL 18"-26"h $346.00 4. Trapezoid Table - 19.5"d x 32.5"w TER-033127-LLC 25"-33"h $342.00 TER-033127-LL 23"-31"h $335.00 TER-033127-SLC 20"-28"h $342.00 TER-033127-SL 18"-26"h $335.00 5. Large Motion Table - 35.75"d x 54"w TER-033181-LLC 25"-33"h $594.00 TER-033181-LL 23"-31"h $583.00 6. Small Motion Table - 22.5"d x 34.75"w TER-033215-LLC 25"-33"h $342.00 TER-033215-LL 23"-31"h $335.00 TER-033215-SLC 20"-28"h $342.00 TER-033215-SL 18"-26"h $335.00 Please specify when ordering: -LLC - with casters -LL - no casters -SLC - short legs with casters -SL - short legs no casters Color selection White Markerboard Blue Red Gray Nebula