2019 Office Furniture Catalog

83 Prices subject to change without notice. Discover lasting performance in a clearly simple package. Bleeker Street Seating combines cool, minimalist design with high performance materials to bring style and functionality to every space. Offered in a regular height chair as well as bistro height with low profile back. PREMIERA ® Bleeker Street Wood Shell Seating ® Bleeker Street Seating shown with Gathering Table (see page 41) 3. Wood Shell Bistro Height Stool PRM-ST198 Overall: 19.25"w x 22.25"d x 44.25"h Seat: 16"w x 17.25"d x 30"h List Price $379.00 1. Wood Shell Chair PRM-ST198C Overall: 18.5"w x 22.5"d x 33.5"h Seat: 17"w x 17.25"d x 18.5"h List Price $279.00 1 2 3 3 1 2. Wood Shell Bistro Height Stool PRM-ST197 Overall: 19"w x 21"d x 33.5"h Seat: 15.75"w x 17.25"d x 30"h List Price $379.00 2 IN STOCK: White finish shell/Chrome frame Modern Walnut finish shell/Chrome frame