2019 Office Furniture Catalog

Prices subject to change without notice. PREMIERA ® Height Adjustable Desk 1 Introducing the Executive Laminate Height Adjustable Desk: Get the executive desk look with today’s ergonomic benefits. The Electrical Height Adjustable Tables can help promote a healthier and more efficient workplace. 1. Workstation as shown (excluding seating & accessories): PRM-PLTHATEP3072 / PRM-PL112 / PRM-PL113 / PRM-PL110 / PRM- PL1044OH / PRM-PL44SGD / PRM-PLTLPHS27 / PRM-PLTAP1554S / PRM-PLTSDTM List Price $5,770.00 ® 2 2. Executive Height Adjustable Desk PRM-PLTHATEP3072 List Price $2,922.00 Unit includes: Height Adjustable Base (PRM-PLTDEAB7248NF) 30" x 72" Top (PRM-PLT3072) (2) End Panels (PRM-PLTHATEP30) Modesty Panel (PRM-PLTHATEPMOD72) IN STOCK: Cherry / Mocha / Modern Walnut / Newport Gray Optional Acrylic Panel (not shown) PRM-PLTAP1554S List Price $229.00 Mounting Bracket for Acrylic Panel PRM-PLTSDTM List $55.00 Standing from time-to-time can help reduce the risk of muscle strain, neck and back stiffness, and lack of circulation...all of which can affect productivity and your overall health. 2