2019 Office Furniture Catalog

121 Prices subject to change without notice. All items shown on this page are available on a special order basis. 1. Model Size (HxW) List Price AAR-6WGBM3648Z 36" x 48" $974.10 AAR-6WGBM4848Z 48" x 48" $1,193.40 AAR-6WGBM4872Z 48" x 72" $1,637.10 AAR-6WGBM4896Z 48" x 96" $2,051.22 AAR-6WGBM48120Z 48" x 120" $2,550.00 2. Model Size (HxW) List Price AAR-120A-46Z 4’ x 6’ $541.22 AAR-120A-48Z 4’ x 8’ $712.13 AAR-120A-410Z 4’ x 10’ $854.55 1 Horizontal Mounted 1/4" (6MM) Crystal Clear Magnetic Glass Markerboards with Invisible “Z” Bar Mounting All of Aarco Products Glass Markerboards are made of low iron glass resulting in the clearest glass available. The high gloss, non-porous surface provides a silky smooth writing surface that cleans easily. The white painted background provides high contrast, vivid graphics, and maximum visibility. 2 AARCO Visual Display Products Projector Board For Use with Short Throw Projectors Features include: • High contrast • Excellent erasing qualities • Surface permits use of magnetic accessories • Porcelain is virtually indestructable when used as directed Z Bar Mounting Brackets Shim Z Bar Brackets on wall to achieve flat mounting for markerboard Z Bar Mounting Brackets Z Bar Preinstalled