2019 Office Furniture Catalog

118 AARCO Magnetic Dry Erase Markerboards AARCO Melamine Working Surface (Economy Non-Magnetic) AARCO 120 Markerboards 2 For more information about these products, as well as to see the complete line of Aarco Products, visit www.aarco.com All 120 marker trays are equipped with end caps. 1 3 The choice of professionals. Features porcelain on steel markerboards. All writing board units are equipped with a 1" map rail with a tan cork insert and end caps. One map hook is supplied for every 3' of board with a minimum of two per board. All trim, tray, and map rails are finished in satin anodized aluminum. List Price 1. Markerboards AAR-120A-34M 3' x 4' $312.28 AAR-120A-44M 4' x 4' $367.14 AAR-120A-46M 4' x 6' $468.42 AAR-120A-48M 4' x 8' $610.85 AAR-120A-410M 4' x 10' $727.95 AAR-120A-412M 4' x 12' $828.18 Melamine is a dependable, high quality, and economical non-magnetic markerboard. • Durable heat cured surface on tempered hardboard • Excellent erasing qualities • Factory mounted hangers • Oak frame models available on a special order basis List Price 3. Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboards AAR-WAC2436 24" x 36" $55.92 AAR-WAC3648 36" x 48" $91.79 AAR-WAC4872 48" x 72" $238.43 AAR-WAC4896 48" x 96" $292.24 The unique new Syncoat TM writing surface offers exceptional stain and wear resistance. Because of Syncoat’s TM high gloss finish, it also exhibits excep- tional writing and erasing qualities. Syncoat is a synthetic resin surface applied to light gauge steel in a carefully controlled process that provides a uniform finish. Standard features include: • Satin anodized aluminum trim • Matching full length accessory tray • Molded safety end caps List Price 2. Syncoat TM Magnetic Dry Erase Markerboards AAR-APS2436 24" x 36" $97.06 AAR-APS3648 36" x 48" $160.36 AAR-APS4872 48" x 72" $284.85 AAR-APS4896 48" x 96" $368.20 Prices subject to change without notice.